Spot UV Varnish

Spot UV Varnishes are one of the most effective ways to dazzle your customers and stand out from a crowd. Consider using a spot UV varnish over text, an image or simply on its own to make it glisten in the light.

What is a spot UV varnish?

The UV is the ultraviolet light that sets the gloss varnish, which is what catches the light. The spot refers to a portion or a “spot” the varnish covers. And even better, UV varnishes are environmentally friendly, as they lack volatility are free of solvents, so do not emit any nasties into the air!

What works best with a spot varnish?

Spot UV varnishes can work on a range of different paper of different weights and finishes (check out our blog on choosing your best paper for your project), however choosing a matt stock will definitely allow the varnish to pop more. You could also consider pairing your varnish with other printing effects such as a diecut (shapes) or embossing.

When can I use a spot varnish?

When you want something to really stand out on your page. A logo on a business card is a great way for potential customers to take note of you card and essentially your business (read all about how to make your business card more memorable). Text on the cover of a brochure or booklet will always stand out at a trade expo where there is a sea of competing businesses. Or even something as subtle as a pattern on a presentation folder looks really cool and adds a nice quality.

If you need any more information, flick us an email or give us a call and we can advise on what suits you best!