How to take good photos for social media

Taking photos for social media

When you take photos for social media, it’s a good idea to spend some time and make them look good. After all, you are presenting your brand and products. However, you don’t have to have a camera worth thousands or a degree in photography. A simple phone camera is suffice and with these tips, you’ll be taking beautiful photos in no time.

Lights, camera, action!

The best thing you can do with light is shoot away from the actual light source, not towards it. So if your light source is a window or door, stand between your products and the light. Just be careful you aren’t casting a shadow!

Try and shoot on a cloudy day if you can. The clouds filter the harsh sunlight distribute it more evenly, so you don’t get the shadows or overexposure.

If you have limited time to shoot through daylight hours, put some LED lights around your products and diffuse them with paper. Such a simple thing to do but it works!

Have a library of angles that you use regularly

When you are starting your social media page, it’s a good idea (and fun) to experiment with how you want to present your products, and then use these angles regularly so followers can instantly recognise the post is yours.

Close-up’s are always a winner. Using the macro-mode on your phone, zoom in so your followers can see the texture and quality of your products.

Put your product in a scene or next to an object. This could be something like putting it on a table next to a pot plant, or if you sell clothes, take real life shots of someone wearing them (or a mannequin if that doesn’t work). This allows followers to see the relative size and also how the products sits or flows.

Your photos should always look great at a thumbnail size, especially if you are using them for Instagram, as this is what people see when they visit your profile. Choose an angle that you know works best for your product and make sure your shots are consistently at this angle.

Show more products

If your product comes in a range of colours and styles, group them together so followers can see there are more options. If you have products that enhance each other, show them together so followers can visualise how they will look all put together.

Watch out!

Even though filters can be fun, they can take away from your actual product, and not show the correct colouring. If you must use filters, make sure you are consistently using them. Also watch out for pesky reflections. You may need to re-position yourself so followers aren’t distracted from your product.

The main thing tip you can take away is to simply be consistent. This allows you to create a brand and style. You know the best way to present your product, so experiment and have fun coming up with some set shots!

If you’re still a bit nervous, give us a shout, as we also do social media content management!