Set your new year goals!

2020 new goals

Three weeks to go and we have reached the Xmas Break. And only a month to go before we’re into the new year and back at work. Yikes!

Have you set your goals for the new year yet? None of this floppy new year resolutions promises – We’re talking real goals and things you want to learn and achieve!  If you struggle to keep on track past February, here are some tips to keep you moving towards that end goal!

Set a Measurable Goal

The good ‘ol S.M.A.R.T method! And it really works if you commit to a goal you are serious about. It stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time and can be applied to any goal, whether it be personal or professional.  

  • Specific– You need to be 100% sure on what it is you want to achieve, don’t go into it half-hearted. Be specific about what you want!
  • Measurable– How will you know you are on track or achieved your goal? Choose indicators that will tell you that you are on track.
  • Achievable– Your goal needs to challenge you, but it still needs to be attainable. Try not to set a goal that someone else has power over. For example, instead of a promotion, try the relevant training to get you there.
  • Relevant– Make sure the goal you set matters to you, and ask the question if it’s the right time for you in this stage of your life.
  • Time-related– specify your time frame and when milestones can be achieved.

Write it all down

When you write your daily to-do list, put a task in that will get you close to your goal. Pursuing a goal isn’t a routine thing, so writing them down frees your mind up and allows you to visualise what you want to achieve. Also make sure you track your progress, so you can see how far you’ve come and motivates you to keep going!

Don’t compare yourself to others

Social media can make it so much easier to see what others are doing and compare yourself to them. And let’s be honest, you’re always going to perceive them as being better. When you see or hear about someone doing well, use that as motivation and focus on your own goal. After all – the more time you spend thinking about them, you aren’t progressing in your own dreams.

Be prepared for knock-backs

There is no way your path to achieving your goal will come without challenges. And if it doesn’t, maybe your goal is too easy to get. But if you prepare yourself for things that could go wrong, and expect that some things won’t go to plan, you will have the mental power to get you through.

Enjoy it!

The most important part. And if you aren’t enjoying it, are you sure you are pursuing the right goal? Of course there will be parts you won’t enjoy, but keep going and the enjoyment will come through! Also, try not to focus too much on the end goal, rather, set the milestones and feel accomplished as you reach each one!

Now’s the time to set your goals and hit the ground running in the new year! And if you need a goal setting worksheet to help you out, download ours here!