Presentation Folder Printing

Presentation folders are a very professional way of storing your promotional collateral to give to potential customers. Some common items to store are brochures, company profiles, reports and, of course business cards.

Our experienced team can advise the best option for your presentation folders, keeping your branding and styling consistent with eh rest of your collateral. We also offer great designs and finishing’s (such as embossing, foiling or lamination).

Size and Shape

We have over 50 existing die-formes (the contraption that makes the shapes). We do all of our die-cutting in-house, so if you needed something more custom, we can definitely assist with this. The folders can also be glued, or self-lock, depending on what your styling and budget is.

The most common size for a presentation folder is large enough to house A4 documents, however, if you wanted something a little different, you could have a square or any something larger or smaller.


You also get the choice of whether you would like a gusset (the size of the spine) which will come down to what it is you need to put into your presentation folder. If you need a thick document to put into your folder, a gusset is advisable.

Business Cards

You also have the choice of whether you would like business card ‘slits’ or holders to put into your folder. Even if your business card is a custom size, we can make sure your card will fit snugly in the slits. It’s really a personal choice if you need a business card to sit within the folder, or if you are happy to place your card with the other collateral. We would recommend to have it in the slits, so it is separate from the rest of your presentation and won’t get lost in the collateral.

Presentation Folder Design

We have an amazing graphic design team with loads of experience that can design your presentation folders. We understand businesses and the importance of keeping branding and style guides consistent throughout all collateral.

If you would like to get your presentation folder printing and design done with us, drop us a line here to learn more about the right package for you.