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Business Card Printing

Business Card Printing and Design isn’t something you should cut corners on. They can often be the first impression of your business (apart from yourself), so having something cheap and nasty isn’t something you want to portray. We offer everything from your standard business card, to something a bit more snazzy with foiling, embossing or varnishes.

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A normal sized business card is 90mm x 55mm, which enables your important information to be legible and also means the card will fit in standard wallets and business card holders.

However, this isn’t set in stone. At created2print, we can produce any size or shape, whether they be square, or even longer and thinner. We can also do custom shapes or rounded corners to make them a bit different.


A good rule of thumb is for a quality business card weight is 300gsm. Any lighter than this and you can lose the sturdiness and quality. There are plenty of paper stocks to choose from – from economy to premium and even recycled.


We have all sorts of finishing techniques that can make your card feel nice and give off a high quality impression. Add a matt laminate to give it a smooth finish, or add a raised spot UV Varnish or Foil to enhance logos, text or design elements. 

If you get your business card printing done with us, our customer service representatives can talk with you and advise on what might suit you best!