Floor Decals

Floor decals are the new normal since the COVID-19 outbreak. While the distancing rules are in place, they will continue to inform people from the floor.


We can design your floor decals according to what you need. They can say anything you like and inform or entertain.

Anything from “Stand Here” to jokes, quotes or fun facts!

Get in contact to see how we can create your decals!

Size and Shape

We can print your floor decals in all shapes and sizes. Circles, rectangles, or a custom shape, we are can print and die cut your stickers to whatever shape you need.

We can also print any size for your stickers, depending on where they need to go in your venue.


Our floor decals are covered in a non-slip laminate, so they are safe to put anywhere in your venue!

If you would like to know more about designing and printing your floor decals, please click the button below!