Corporate Social Responsibility 

Corporate social responsibility extends our mindfulness towards the ways in which businesses can enhance, rather than degrade, society and the environment.At created2print, we continuously seek to assess and monitor our environmental impacts, ethical responsibility, philanthropic endeavours, and financial responsibilities.

Environmental Stewardship

created2print pursues environmental stewardship through:

Reducing pollution, waste, natural resource consumption, and emissions through its manufacturing process;

Recycling goods and materials throughout its processes including promoting re-use practices with our customers; and

Distributing goods consciously by choosing methods that have the least impact on emissions and pollution.

Ethical Responsibility

created2print meets its ethical responsibilities in instances including:

Fair and positive treatment of all staff, contractors, partners and clients, regardless of age, race, culture, or sexual orientation;

Expansion of Social Benefit Suppliers to include diversity from different races, genders, Veteran statuses, or economic statuses; and

Honest disclosure of operating concerns to clients in a timely and respectful manner.

Philanthropic Responsibility

Philanthropic responsibility challenges how we act as a company and how we contribute back to society including:

Donations to charities and non-for-profit organisations;

Entering into transactions with suppliers or vendors that align with our company philanthropically; and

Sponsorship of fundraising events and having a presence in the communities in which we operate.

Financial Responsibility

Financial responsibility ensures created2print upholds its environmental, ethical and philanthropic contributions, through spending on:  

Research and Development for new products that encourage sustainability;

Recruiting different types of talent to ensure a diverse workforce;

Initiatives that train employees on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), social awareness, or environmental concerns; and

Ensuring transparent and timely financial reporting including external audits.