Book Printing & Design Specialists

Do you have an idea for a magazine, or would like to publish a book? We are specialists in multi-page documents, including books, booklets, coffee table books, school yearbooks, annual reports and magazines. 


It doesn’t really matter how many pages your book is (as long as it is divisible by four) we can print it! Obviously most books are your standard A4 (or A3, A5, A6 etc…) and we do these very well and cost effectively, however, we can do any size you need to suit your branding. It can be portrait or landscape and some books we have done even have fold-out pages for a point of difference.

Covers & Binding

Depending on what it is you’re after, we can recommend the right cover and binding style for you. If you’re producing a newsletter that you need to post, a self-cover might be the best option (cover is the same weight as the pages), however, if you are doing a magazine or annual report, a heavier cover may be better. Heavier covers add bulk and can give off a professional vibe, depending on the stock you choose. We can even do hard covers if you are after something a little more durable.

There are also many binding options. Download our binding guide here. Basically the type of binding comes down to the look you are after, and also how many pages you have. If you are after a coffee table book, you would probably choose perfect binding over saddle stitching. And if you are producing an instruction manual, saddle stitching would be the better option.

The page numbers also dictate the binding option, as there is a minimum amount required for a perfect bind. However, there are options to bulk up stock to get around this. You also can’t have too many for a saddle stich as it can bulk up too much and be unable to sit flat.


The world is your oyster. You can have any type for stock depending on your branding and styling. Recycled, gloss, matt, uncoated – it really depends on what you want – and we can advise on some good options! If you would like to know more about paper, read our blog here!

Layout Design

We have an amazing graphic design team with loads of experience that can design and layout your books and magazines. We understand businesses and the importance of keeping branding and style guides consistent throughout all collateral.

If you would like to get your book printing and design done with us, drop us a line here to learn more about the right package for you.