Sustainable Printing

In 2012 our 100% solar powered ‘green room’ was commissioned and ever since then our digital printers have been running entirely on solar.

In 2019 we installed a further 117 solar panels, which brings us up to over 150 panels on our Adelaide business. These extra panels enable us to power our offset and finishing machines, bringing you more sustainable printing than ever before and making us one of the greenest printers in Adelaide.

We continue to reduce our environmental impact across every aspect of our company, including a high level of recycling and using vegetable and soy based inks.

Just because your print is environmentally responsible doesn’t mean this should compromise your corporate look and feel! We pride ourselves on producing high quality print, with less of an environmental impact.

We also offer eco-merchandising for those environmentally conscious businesses. 

Our eco-merchandise
range is a combination
of recycled and

Our offset presses use soy
& vegetable based inks


Fun Facts!

1. We use renewable sources such as soy and vegetable based inks. 
2. They are derived from canola, linseed and corn. 
3. They are less harmful to the environment as they don’t release any nasties into the air. 
4. Petroleum based inks become a toxic waste product as they are difficult to remove during recycling. 

After we are done creating amazing prints for our customers,
we recycle 100% of our aluminium press plates!

We donate oodles
of our waste paper
to local schools
and recycle the rest

We have access
to and use
a combination of
recycled & carbon
neutral paper stocks

“A printer doesn’t come any greener than this”
Print 21 Magazine