Professional educational material

Printing for the Education Sector

We have worked with a myriad of educational organisations, including primary & secondary schools, specialist schools, adult learning and further education. We specialise in the design and print of multi-page books, including school yearbooks, course guides and prospectus’. Read our tips on creating your best yearbook to date!

School Year Books

School Year Books come very easy to us, with one of our designers having 12 years’ experience in the publishing industry, so knows the in’s and out’s of designing large books. We can design your layouts according to your styling, and if it is part of a series, create style guides to ensure they are consistent throughout. We can also advise on the right binding options for your project (read here for the different types of binding) and also paper stocks.

Apart from yearbooks, other books we can produce for the education sector include:

  • prospectus’
  • course guides
  • training manuals

Education Printing & Design

We can print and design anything you need for your school or organisation, keeping your styling consistent across all collateral. Including: