What is a social media template?

One of the services we offer are social media templates. These are social media tiles that we create using your branding and targeted to your audience. You can edit these yourself in any Adobe products or Canva!

Here’s how it works:

  • We design your tile that follows your branding and appeals to your audience. We work with you to get the look at that you are after.
  • Once designed, we set you up on either Canva or and Adobe products.
  • You edit the tile with your own words or image and reuse them as much as you want. These are great for motivational quotes, announcements, testimonials or tips!

How can it help your business?

  • It keeps your branding consistent. Your followers can instantly know they are your posts simply by looking at them.
  • It is your own template, so you’re not sharing it with other businesses, which can confuse followers.
  • It makes it cost effective for you and saves you time each time you need to do a post.

For more information email cindy@created2print.com or contact us here