Professional Offset Printing

Offset Printing

Offset printing offers so many ways to make your artwork look professional. Special colours and a bigger range of paper is just the beginning.

Corporate Colours

Have a corporate colour that cannot be compromised, then offset printing is the best way to achieve this. Our expert printers can match your colours and leave your branding in tact. You can also use metallic inks or foiling to really make your artwork pop! There is also a larger range of paper compatible with offset printers, so there’s more freedom to choose the paper right for your artwork! Read about what types of paper to use here.

High Quantity Printing

Offset is generally suited to bigger quantities of around 1,000 or more. The more you get the lower the unit cost.

High Quality Printing

Our state-of-the-art technology is capable of high quality imaging and colour matching. Pair this with expert pre-press and printers and you have the perfect combination for high-standard artwork!

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You can read all about the differences between digital and offset printing here.