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Meet our Team

Our wonderful staff at created2print are a dedicated bunch. They will bend over backwards to make sure you’re looked after! They are also highly experienced, so can advise you on your business needs! 

Rita Vozzo

Rita is our wonderful Business Development Executive. She must really like working here, as she has been here for 17 years! Being in the industry for such a long time, Rita really knows her print and can advise her clients on what kind of printing would suit their business needs. She’s also really thorough, and prides herself on following the job from the start, right until you have the end product in your hands (and she’s usually there smiling at you as she hands it over!).  In fact, she’s barely in the office, as she’s always out and about seeing her clients! Rita loves looking after her customers and they love working with her, too…that smile is infectious! 

Aside from all the print and work, Rita loves, loves, loves her fur baby, Rocky! We know this because she can’t stop talking about him. Every. Single. Day. (But he is loveable!). Rita also loves keeping fit. She’s one of these crazy people that actually gets up BEFORE work to exercise (I mean, seriously, have you not heard of a bed?!). But we also know she loves her chocolate (we know about your secret stash in your drawer, Rita!), and she will shamelessly use them to bribe co-workers into pushing her jobs through quicker! See we told you she’d look after you! What a gal! 

Cindy Ridgwell

Cindy is the newest member of created2print and brings with her a plethora of experience in the graphic design and marketing industry for both print & digital. And the best thing about that, is that she can set up and maintain style guides that keep your branding consistent throughout your marketing collateral. A former studio manager, Cindy can fill you with confidence that your jobs will be scheduled, designed and finished with a high level of quality and professionalism in all of your design jobs! 

But she’s not all about deadlines and creating! A keen craft beer enthusiast and traveller, Cindy can often be found critiquing hops and malts in breweries all around the world. To counteract all that beer, she is also “sort-of” a triathlete (‘cause you know, running alone is not enough). Swimming, cycling and running her way around Adelaide keeps her fit and well, sane! 

Paul Richardson

Paul is one of our expert guillotine operators, cutting your artwork to size like a boss! He has been with created2print for 7 years now, and so has plenty of experience making sure everything is trimmed to perfection. This machine is dangerous, so it takes a precise individual to operate it, but Paul always has it under control… and he still has all of his fingers to prove it! 

He must really like cutting things, as in his spare time, Paul operates a lawn mowing business, Green Finger Lawns (hit him up if you need your lawn mowed to perfection!)  Paul is also known to have a bunch of bananas at his workstation every day, (which have usually disappeared by lunchtime) and he has lot of energy to burn…so aside from walking up and down lawns, Paul is also a BLACK BELT in Karate! It also runs in the family, as his 13-year old daughter is also a black belt… I wouldn’t want to meet that family down a dark alley at night! Ka-pow! 

A green thumb, banana loving, karate expert, Paul is you man if you need something cut with precision! And he always does it with a smile! 

Eldyne Cox

Eldyne (aka Deano) is part of the furniture at created2print, being here for 30 years! Wowsers! She has many feathers to her cap, including finishing, binding and laminating, but she is also a superstar digital print operator. If you’ve ever printed something digitally with us, chances are Eldyne was the master behind the operation. 

When Eldyne isn’t printing, folding or gluing, you’ll find her getting her Shakira on at belly dancing classes! We’re still yet to see her shimmy her way around the factory, but we’re sure she dances like no one is watching… when no one is actually watching. Hey Eldyne, how about a class in the factory one day? Who’s in?

She’s also a beer lover and loves to snuggle into Winter with a home-brewed stout. We’re still all waiting for our samples, but we’re assured that its pretty good! (Still waiting, though!).

Aside from shaking hips and brewing beer (sometimes together), Eldyne also partakes in “The Bloody Long Walk” each year.🚶‍♀️ 35kms of walking from Carrick Hill to Glenelg in aid of the Mito Foundation (people affected by mitochondrial disease). What an absolute superstar! 

Always bright, Eldyne is a true treasure of created2print! 

Rosa Andriolo

Rosa is the queen of the factory! She is not only our finishing & bindery superstar she organises all of the deliveries AND the stationery orders! You’ll find her in the factory sticking, cutting, wrapping or ordering (often with her crown on!). 

Rosa is one of those people who can just get things done. She will do anything for anyone and will drop everything to put others first! She will go to EVERY birthday, wedding, christening, funeral, her sister’s dog’s birthday (well, maybe not that one) but she really is the type of friend you need! 

We all look forward to birthdays at created2print because Rosa is also the queen of baking and makes delicious cupcakes for everyone (I mean, seriously, is there anything she can’t do?). But they aren’t just ordinary cupcakes, they are full-on decorated with Freddo Frogs or Kit Kats or whatever she wants to pop on top! She really spoils us (and is making us fat!). 

She is also a massive John Farnham fan, as you can see from the picture… we’ve often heard her singing “A Touch of Paradise” at work – so we figure she must really love him & us! 

Rosa such a star and we would all be lost without her!