Company Profile


8 things to include in your company profile

A company profile is an effective marketing tool to make a great first impression on potential clients. Basically, it is a brochure outlining all the great things your business does – but what are the most important things to include?


Your branding is first and foremost the most important part of your design. As the cover is the first thing your customer will see, it’s important to make sure your colours and style are evident right from the start, especially if your customer is familiar with your branding already. You don’t want them to be confused with a mismatch of styles. Use your corporate colours throughout and always include your logo and tagline.  Consider full page images, graphical elements or blocks of colours – as long as it’s in line with your styles!

Table of contents

There should always be a page for this, with the page numbers being the last thing that is added. Include a table of contents so the reader can jump to whatever section they need to, rather than flipping through and losing interest half-way.


A brief letter from the director capturing the company in a positive light. It doesn’t have to be long – just a brief overview of the spirit of the company.

Board of Directors and Staff Bio’s

It’s very important to put the human side into your marketing. Even if it is something as professional as your company profile. Customers are able to put faces to names and understand you are not a faceless company – you have real people working for you who have experience and qualifications. You could even go that step extra and put a sentence in each bio about what they do outside of work.

Tell your story

Make sure you tell the story of your company and add milestones to show how the business has progressed. Consider a graphical timeline along with a spiel about what you have done. Tell your readers about your values and what you expect to achieve in the future. Use inspiring words and images/graphics to really pull them in.

Highlight the important information

Use pull out boxes to highlight important information. This are so the reader can glance and digest the information quickly without having to read everything all at once. These can be quotes, bullet points or just a paragraph of text.

Show them your work

Showing your portfolio showcases your company’s capabilities and that you have done an array of work for real clients. Testimonials and an example of work resonate with customers and instils confidence in your abilities.  Add in any awards or achievements to impress them further.

Contact details

Obvious? Yes – but the most important thing of all! Make sure you check and triple check these details before sending to print!!

Even if you’re not planning on printing your profile, you should always have one on your website to download. But of course, they come in handy for discovery meetings, conferences and trade shows! If you don’t have one – now’s the time to get one!