How to make a business card stand out

Business Card Printing Adelaide

How many times have you been to a networking event and hoarded a bunch of business cards… some you don’t even remember getting? And you know, there are plenty of other people out there just like you that have your card in a little pile in a drawer.

Business cards are such an important part of any business, they are the connector to you and a potential customer, providing important information. So how do you make this valuable piece of card escape the desk drawer and land in front of a new customer?

What is a good paper stock?

There are many deals out there offering a large quantity of cards for a minimal price but the stock doesn’t scream quality, and you don’t want that as your first impression! Quite often they are flimsy and, well, underwhelming. A hefty stock weight is sturdier and more reliable, giving it an overall higher quality, therefore giving your new customer the first impression that you don’t settle for anything but quality. Anything from 300gsm or higher is a good rule of thumb. Try and get it as heavy as your printer allows. 

How can I make my card feel nice?

Make your card a talking point by making the card feel different. When you hand over a card, most people expect it to feel like, well, cardboard. Add a matt laminate to give it a smooth finish, or add a raised spot UV Varnish or Foil to enhance logos, text or design elements. Rounded corners are also a subtle way to make it different from the norm.

What size should my business card be?

Business cards don’t have to be the standard 55mm x 90mm, although there is nothing wrong with that. But there are other options to be explored when it comes to size. Why not try a long and slim card or even a square? Even a slightly bigger card would get a second look when in a pile.

What details should I put on my business card?

Do you really need to include your fax number on your card that hasn’t been used since 1995? Although it’s great to have your landline, mobile, email, website, social media channels, address (whew!) on the card, perhaps consider leaving off parts that aren’t relevant to a new customer, or information they can easily get from your website. If you do need all the information, balance it over 2 sides so you aren’t overwhelming recipients with information.

What colours work best?

Consider blocks of colour that will attract the eye. A double sided card with an overall colour one side can be quite striking, especially if you use a bit of foiling or Spot UV varnishes over a logo or graphic to compliment it. A fluro ink can also be pretty cool if your company styles allow it.


By making some changes to your next business card order, you’ll be making more impactful impressions before you know it.

If you need any advice or a quote for printing and/or design of your business cards, contact us for more information.