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Printing can often be seen as unsustainable, but we beg to differ. created2print are very mindful and passionate about sustainability and the environment and we are doing our bit to reduce our carbon footprint.

We have won the Zero Waste SA Improved Resource Efficiency Award for our overall sustainable approach, plus, we are certified under the Sustainable Green Print (SGP) and Environmental Management Programs (EMP).

Here’s a few more things you might not know about us:

1 We love the sun!

In 2012, our digital printing room (affectionately known as the green room) became 100% solar. We have 3 digital machines in this room, plus a wide format printer & all of them run entirely on the sun. Then, in January 2019, 117 solar panels were installed on the main part of the building. These solar panels help generate a five colour press, 2 x two colour presses, a single colour press, 2 x guillotines, a plate maker, a letterpress machine (embossing & die-cutting), and a machine each for creasing, folding, stapling, collating and drilling… whew! That’s a lot! Not to mention all the other bits & pieces like lights etc. See, we told you we love the sun!

2 Paper makes all the difference!

Of course, we can help with your paper choices for your projects, and we have access to a huge range. But our favourites are definitely the recycled and carbon neutral stocks. We can work with you so, you too, can help out the environment, while also making your job look, well, bloody awesome!

3 Vegetables are not just for eating

We use renewable sources such as soy and vegetable based inks. As they are derived from canola, linseed and corn, they don’t release any nasties into the air. Plus they are much better to dispose of, as they don’t leave behind any toxins! Go vegetables!!

4 Knights in shining armour… or aluminium in this case

Our offset presses use aluminium plates to create our customer’s fabulous prints. But what happens after that? They go straight to recycling, of course! They are much better being used for other wonderful things than sitting around gathering dust, don’t you think?!

5 The world is your oyster

We do have a lot of paper offcuts here at created2print. We are a printer, so that is a given. But it’s what we do with it that makes us so darn good… we donate it to schools! Plenty of school kids are able to create all sorts of wonderful masterpieces, and what doesn’t go to the schools, goes straight to recycling!


We have adapted all sorts of sustainable practices here at created2print, and we hope you feel good that you are contributing to less waste and emissions when you print with us! 

For anymore information, check out our website www.created2print.com.au And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook & Instagram!