how to make your market stall stand out

5 tips to make your stall stand out at the markets!

Have you had an idea for a product that you might like to sell at a market? Or perhaps you already do, but need a few ways to tizzy up your stall? Either way, markets and side-hustles are booming, so you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd. Read our 5 tips on how to to make your stall stand out at the markets!

1 Add some colour!

Choose one or two colours that go well together and coordinate your stall in these colours – they could quite well be your branding colours. Don’t go overboard and use a rainbow of colours, as it can be a lot to take in and people may miss what you’re actually selling. Make sure the colours match the vibe of the product you are selling – for example, if you’re selling scented candles, a muted colour theme would probably be better.

2 Tell people who you are and what you do!

Not everyone wants to stop of a chat, so consider small posters dotted around your stall (at eye-height) to outline what it is you’re all about. A pull-up banner is another good way to get a lot of information out to your customers. You can also have flyers and business cards on your table so people can take them home and remember you if they aren’t ready to buy at that precise moment. Don’t forget to pop a flyer and card into the bag when someone makes a purchase!

3 Stick it everywhere!

Labels are important on your products, as they reinforce your branding. Printed labels on an environmentally friendly paper really suits the market vibe. Or, if you want to keep costs down, double up and use your business cards as a label! Alternatively, stickers are a professional and cost efficient way to brighten up boxes or paper bags when someone makes a purchase. And of course if your brand is on a bag and being carried around the market, it gets seen by more people! Brand reach is everything!

4 Promote yourself!

Make sure you have a Facebook and/or Instagram page up and running and really commit to being consistent with your posts. Put signs up around your stall to entice people to follow you and ensure your branding is kept consistent, so people can instantly recognise that’s who you are.

5 Balance it out and Smile!

Make sure your stall is visually appealing by setting everything out neatly. People like to scan your products, and if they have to sift through things, more likely than not, they won’t bother! And the most obvious, but also the most important, SMILE!! A welcoming smile and friendly conversation is what brings people back again and again, and could be the deciding factor on a sale. Customer service is more important than anything!

If you need help with printing posters, stickers or labels, or if you are too busy to give the social media the time of day, give us a shout and we can go from there!