Christmas Card Ideas

Christmas card ideas!

Giving a Christmas card to your customers is a simple and cost effective way of letting them know you appreciate their business over the past year, and of course, to wish them a happy holiday period.

While you can go and get cards worth $2 a pack, they aren’t very personal and unprofessional… so why not get some design and printed, complete with your branding and your own message?

Here’s a few ideas for you to throw around:

1 Use some pics from throughout the year

Rather than just using one Christmassy image, why not choose a few different pics from the year to tell a story of what your business has achieved. It not only creates an interesting card, it also refreshes in your customer’s minds of what you have done to move forward in the industry. Use them in the shape of a tree or other holiday themed image and make sure your branding is prominent so your customers know exactly who is it from.

2 Black and white images

Use one big black and white image of your staff or something significant in your business, then use a pop of colour to really accentuate your message or brand. In a sea of colourful cards, a black and white image is sure to stand out and make an impact. Alternatively, you could use a gold or even a red foil to really accentuate some text or logo. Read our blog on different kinds of finishes!

3 All shapes and sizes!

Make your cards stand out by using a different shape. Perhaps a star or a tree? If you are on a budget, however, simply making your card a different size to the norm can make them stand out. How about making your card A4 in size, so it simply takes up more room? Plus, there is plenty of space for staff to write their message in!

4 Personalise!

Don’t have time to write in your cards? You could use variable data and get your customers name’s printed on each card, complete with matching envelopes. Alternatively, you could also scan each staff member’s signature, and get those printed on the inside. This saves a lot of time with cards circulating the office to get signed… plus, it avoids the hand cramps from too much writing!

5 Use some nice paper

Obviously a thicker card is going to work better for a greeting card, so it can stand upright throughout the holiday season. To make your card a little different to the plain white card, there are many options to choose from including textured or coloured paper. A nice recycled stock is also an option for the sustainable business. Read our blogs on different kinds of stocks here.

There are so many options to Christmas and greeting cards – so if you need some ideas or advice, let us know and we will be happy to help.